About MUKC


Our club motto is “to know and to act, one and the same” (知行合一 chi kou gou itsu).

Murdoch University Kendo Club (MUKC) was founded by Chris Graham-Sensei in March 1997.

The club is actively involved in state and national competitions, such as the Australian Kendo Championships and Australian University Games.

We are affiliated with West Australian Kendo Renmei and Australian Kendo Renmei, as well as Murdoch University Sports/Guild.

Training Sessions And Location

Training Sessions

Monday 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Wednesday 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Training is held in the basketball courts at Murdoch University Gym.

Current Commitee Members

Each year commitee members are elected to represent and manage the club. Below are the commit members for 2021


Mitch Fenn 3rd Dan


Jason Franklin 2nd Dan


Mitch Fenn 3rd Dan


Dimitrios Karikis 2nd Dan

Fundraising Manager

Cate McKnight 2nd Dan

Social Media And Promotion Managers

Connor Clarke 2nd Dan


Murdoch University Kendo Club is affiliated with the following organisations:

Australian Kendo Renmei

All Japan Kendo Federation